Technical and execution report /  shaping / Irrigation and draining / routing plan / master Plan / price quote / chronograms.





Location evaluation prior to any work done.

Landscaping and topographical survey




“Shaping” /  Trims / Levelling

Irrigation and draining

Vacuum draining and air insufflation



Irrigation, draining and project execution (Gravitational and vacuum




Natural and artificial

Weed control




Weed control / Soil correctives and fertilizers application

Soil preparation and planting process



Better rooting and development of vegetal material.

Phytosanitary treatment




Plagues and diseases preventive and/or symptomatic control.

After planting maintenance



Fertilizers / Stimimulants / Herbicides /
Topdressing / Aerification / Thatch elimination / Compaction / Trimming





Revitalization, restoration and tecnichal consulting

Machines, accessories and equipment




Orientation and tips regarding the best machines and equipmentg